Covert Special Ops Code Black CO2427

Covert Special Ops Code Black Game Camera

This camera uses an activated SIM card from AT&T to text photos to your cell phone or email. You actually don't even have to pull the SD card in order to see what is happening.The 60 Invisible Flash LED's won't bother deer and have a range of 60 ft. Great for security and scouting wildlife!



3-5-8 MP Resolutions

MMS Wireless Ability

2 inch Color Viewer

Time Lapse Mode

2 Phase Timer Switch

32GB SD Card Capacity

3 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

Operates on 12 AA Batteries

Time/Date/Temp and Moon Phase Stamps

1 Year Warranty

All Star carries most Covert scouting cameras. Call us if you have more questions.


Covert Special Ops Code Black CO2427
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  • Item #: CO2427
  • Manufacturer: Covert Scouting Cameras
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